Monday, April 14, 2008

Conversations with Calliope

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. Ready for another week?
JOE: Yes, but I have already been quite busy this week. I read about marketing most of the weekend and feel like I am starting to have my marketing plan come together. I also found a couple useful books.
CALLIOPE: Such as?
JOE: Well, I decided that MySpace and this blog should form two of the main pillars of my marketing approach. I found a good book by Dennis Prince, called How to Make Money with MySpace. I have registered there and started a site with my blog included. But I am finding the approach for marketing is different from a personal page on MySpace. I'll have to make some changes. I also found a book by Jeremy Wright called Blog Marketing.
CALLIOPE: Does that mean we will have to make some changes in our blog site?
JOE: We'll see. Right now I'm concentrating first on MySpace which is more of a mystery to me than blogging. By the way, Phil Davis left us a nice note yesterday and will mention us in his blogs. I hope you don't mind if we have a few visitors.
CALLIOPE: The more the merrier. I was getting to feel it was a little lonely with just the two of us here.
JOE: I guess we could use a little help in our efforts. I would not mind some visitors either. Let's see what develops.
CALLIOPE: How are you coming with Marital Property?
JOE: I had time to edit a few more chapters on Saturday. I am up to Chapter 13 now and am still trying to balance time for marketing and editing. I'm pretty busy these days.
CALLIOPE: That's what you get for retiring from psychology.
JOE: I am glad to be this busy. I know people who retire and then just sit in a chair. Not for me.
CALLIOPE: Me either. I'm glad we have a lot to work on.
JOE: Me too. I'm glad you're sharing this journey with me. Enough of the mutual admiration for today. We've got work to do.
(Rocky Mountains- View from Estes Park, Colorado)

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