Saturday, July 28, 2007

Practice Flights

I was driving the other morning about 6:30 and noticed a flock of geese in formation, honking and flying in a southern direction. It is much too early in the year for them to set out on their migratory journey. It occurred to me that they might have been making a practice flight to be ready when the time comes. I also thought of journeys, expeditions and other adventures all of us will need to take sometime whether through the air or just in our minds. It also occurred to me that it would help for us to practice our skills to be ready when the time comes so they will not be rusty when critically needed.

(Geese in flight)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stop Lights

When I was five, my father bought our first family car. Our first trip was from Fredonia home to Rochester. Halfway home in the pre-Thruway days we drove through Batavia. I thought we would never get past the endless stoplights and that my days were numbered. Needless to say, I did survive the trip although for years I thought Batavia must have more stoplights than anywhere else in the world. I am still not sure about this. In the ensuing 49 years, I have learned to be more patient and to enjoy the journey rather than being so anxious to get somewhere. I guess getting older is good for something.
(City traffic light)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plumeria and Hibiscus

This morning as I sat on my porch waiting for the rain to life, I admired my plumeria and hibiscus plants. I bought the plumeria many years ago on a trip to the Canadian National Exhibition. Then it was only a stick a foot long. It rooted in water and and come to thrive. My hibiscus plant was a gift from a friend as he was moving to Florida. Plumeria flowers remind me of kayaking in Hawaii where I happened across an aromatic flower floating down toward me. My brother has a hedge of hibiscus which blooms much longer than the one day life of my blooms. Both flowers always bring back the delights of my trips to Hawaii and times with my brother. I'm glad life has its little reminders.

(Plumeria and Hibiscus Flowers)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Accepting What Is

In the summer we sometimes think it is too hot. In the winter it is too cold. It seems we can always think of some way life could be improved at any particular moment. It is harder for us sometimes to remember how fortunate we are until something tragic happens to us or to someone we care about. I am not always so good at it, but I try to notice the things for which I am grateful each day. I find it a good way to keep my life in perspective.
(Sunset in Dunkirk, NY)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Passing on the Pistol

Toward the end of my father's life, he was ready to let go of his target pistol. I went through all the hoops of obtaining a pistol permit and took possession of his gun. I used it a few times and enjoyed target shooting although I have never had an interest in turning it toward an animal. Now my nephew is ready to adopt it. It came into my life, a bit of memory of my father, and now passes to his grandson. I wonder how many memories go along with it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Setting Limits

I have often talked with people about setting limits on those who disrupt their lives. It seems a simple thing to suggest and I often wonder why people don't do it. Then I faced a situation where I had to do it. I realized that it was not easy to stop people from interfering with my own wellbeing and that it is difficult, at least for me, to stick up for myself. Am I being selfish? Am I being overly sensitive? Is this really such a big deal? Sometimes I have to remind myself that my needs are important and that if I don't stick up for them no one else will either.
(Gate in the Tower of London)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bee and Human Stings

I was thinking about bees and people the other day. Bees sting to protect their hives and the price for the individual bee is that the bee dies. Stinging is a mortal decision. I wondered what would happen if human attacks on others had a similar mortal result for the attacker. How readily would we attack each other either verbally or physically? Might we not be more careful to choose a less aggressive path?
(Bee stinger)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Crossword Puzzles and Life

As I was doing a crossword puzzle in the paper this morning, I came to realize that life is something like a crossword puzzle. Some things in life make sense immediately. Some take a little thought. Some demand research. Sometimes everything fits together nicely but sometimes what we think we understand doesn't fit in with other things we think we know. Still life is always a challenge and that's what keeps it interesting.
(Subatomic particle collision)