Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Conversations with Calliope

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. How are you today?
JOE: I started out feeling I was going around in circles. After I sat down to write my grateful things for today, I realized I have actually accomplished something this week.
CALLIOPE: So what's new?
JOE: I finally found a way to post my podcast interview with Phil Davis on MySpace ( That took some doing but finally I installed it.
CALLIOPE: Congratulations. I'll have a listen. Anything else?
JOE: Yesterday was busy. I took my daughter out for a birthday lunch, and also took my son to an appointment. In between I managed to start my short story, Or Not To Be, as well as my column for this Saturday on selective listening, title still under construction. I also worked on my second edit of Marital Property.
CALLIOPE: Make sure you let me know when these are ready for viewing. What do you mean by "second edit?"
JOE: I will let you know. A second edit as I define it is an oral reading of my text. I have already made changes for continuity and clarity. This time I am listening to see how it sounds.
CALLIOPE: And today?
JOE: More work on the second edit. As background music, a plumber will be boring into a wall to replace a drain pipe. I can't wait. My main goal for today is finishing my column so I can have Carol read it tonight and get it posted to the Daily News tomorrow.
CALLIOPE: So you're not loafing?
JOE: No. I have a rehearsal dinner for Carol's niece's wedding on Friday night and the wedding on Saturday. We are having people fora party Sunday and will probably repair to the mountain on Monday or Tuesday where I would like to do some painting. So I will get a little break.
CALLIOPE: Will I still hear from you?
JOE: Probably sporadically over the next week depending on schedule. But now it's time to get to work. Talk with you tomorrow.
(Sunrise- Leroy, NY)

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Michelle L. Devon said...

Background plumbing, gotta love it. I was just telling a friend of mine that I was trying to write and there are two houses in the neighborhood, one on either side of me, who are getting new roofs.

All I can hear is hammer, hammer, hammer, in stereo.

Love and stuff,

PS: added your myspace!