Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Conversations with Calliope

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. How are you today?
JOE: Pretty good. I am enjoying the sunshine and promise of warmer weather.
CALLIOPE: What have you been doing lately?
JOE: I worked on editing Marital Property yesterday. I tried to address continuity, clarity, grammar and voice all at once.
CALLIOPE: Did it work?
JOE: Not very well. I thought there might be some shortcuts in the editing process. But it just diffuses my attention so I can't concentrate very well on anything.
CALLIOPE: Too bad.
JOE: Maybe. Doing everything at once might work for some people. I recall that Mozart could write a finished work without any later editing. Genius seems to be in a different class. The rest of us might need to work one aspect at a time. At least I do. It takes longer but I think that is my best chance to produce polished work.
CALLIOPE: I think it's good to know yourself, your limitations and what works best for you.
JOE: No argument there.
CALLIOPE: What's up for today?
JOE: I will read some of Marital Property tonight at Lift Bridge Writers Group and would like to look over my selection. I will also do some more editing on the text. Saturday is coming up so I have to start working on a column. I cut it pretty close last time.
CALLIOPE: Do you have a topic.
JOE: Giving words a rest comes to mind. My right brain attended a wind ensemble concert on Sunday. I enjoyed experiencing the concert without having to describe it in words. I think I will pursue that idea. I had better get going. See you tomorrow.

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