Thursday, October 02, 2008

Conversations with Calliope- Dialogue with My Muse

(Carol examining jewelry)

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. What have you been up to?
JOE: I was in Batavia all day yesterday getting my car fixed and helping my son set up a print show as well as photographing his most recent prints.
CALLIOPE: Does that mean you had no time for literary pursuits?
JOE: Unfortunately it does. I guess I can't count on having every day available for writing.
CALLIOPE: I guess you're right. What about today?
JOE: A different story. I plan to get back to work.
CALLIOPE: Doing what specifically?
JOE: Further takes on my promotional videos for one thing.
CALLIOPE: Do you think you can produce acceptable ones on your own?
JOE: Good question. I was just thinking about that. I don't think they need to be highly professional for YouTube or MySpace. If I'm not satisfied I am considering looking for a communications student at Genesee Community College who might be in need of a project.
CALLIOPE: Good thought. Anything else planned?
JOE: I plan to get back to revision of Marital Property and consideration of my friend Gerry's comments which he sent some time ago.
CALLIOPE: How come you have not looked at them yet?
JOE: I wanted to finish my first person oriented draft first. Now it is ready. On with the show. Talk with you tomorrow.

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