Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Conversations with Calliope

JOE: Good morning, Calliope.

CALLIOPE: Good morning, Joe. How are things this morning.

JOE: Good. I had hoped to write another chapter yesterday but got waylaid by the need to write a newspaper column. I did manage to at least start the chapter.

CALLIOPE: Did you write about commonsense and the cowboy mentality?

JOE: Indeed I did. I was afraid it would be too political but I managed to keep it focused on the individual person rather than our current country leaders. After all, almost half of us elected the current leadership.

CALLIOPE: A tad sarcastic. But you are right. Our national leaders and local ones for that matter can only lead us if we let them.

JOE: I focused on my frustration about trying to stay positive and seeing such negative news suggesting we are becoming a nation of gunslingers (literally or figuratively.)

CALLIOPE: So, with that out of your system, what about your book.

JOE: I reviewed my enneagram typings for my husband and his brother and had them meet at the Martha's Vineyard ferry dock in Vineyard Haven. As we speak they are suspended in mid conversation while they wait for their omelets at the Black Dog Restaurant.

CALLIOPE: I hope they get a little farther today.

JOE: I hope so too. They are planning a walk out to West Chop Lighthouse and then a drive on to Menemsha and a walk on the beach.

CALLIOPE: Walking seems to be a fairly prominent theme.

JOE: Yes it does. I plan to incorporate what they encounter on their walk as reinforcing what they discuss.

CALLIOPE: Good idea. How will you accomplish it?

JOE: I was hoping you would help.

CALLIOPE: I'll keep my eyes open. Let's get going.

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