Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conversations with Calliope- Dialogue with My Muse

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. How are you this morning?
JOE: Relaxed and refreshed.
CALLIOPE: On what account?
JOE: I am planning a column on how music brings us together. Last night I had the pleasure and privilege of hearing a concert in Centennial Park of Batavia presented by the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra.
CALLIOPE: Did the concert provide you with some ideas for your column?
JOE: Sort of. It provided me with experience but not with words. I know the feeling I would like to convey in my column but not how to express them. I can't even think of a good title for the column.
CALLIOPE: Do you need some help?
JOE: Of course. Would you be so kind?
CALLIOPE: I will consider the matter and drop you some hints today if I am at all able.
JOE: You're a kind muse. Thank you. Not too long ago I read a post by a person taking his muse to task. It seemed ungrateful to me.
CALLIOPE: Me too. Muses have the job of inspiring people but not always with the inspiration they expect or want, or dare I say even feel they deserve.
JOE: I agree. It is presumptuous to expect a muse to do one's bidding.
CALLIOPE: As I see it, the point of having a muse is to stretch your imagination and offer you ideas you would not have thought of on your own. You can't expect to be thrilled by every idea which comes your way.
JOE: Again I agree. I don't have to accept every idea you send me. But if you do send it, I think it is my duty to at least consider it and wonder why. Talk with you tomorrow.
(Dusk- Allegany River)

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