Monday, January 04, 2010

Conversations with Calliope- Taking My Own Advice


Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind~Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good Morning Joe. How are you this year?
JOE: So far, so good. But the year is still quite young.
CALLIOPE: Point taken. What did you learn from last year?
JOE: I was just thinking about that. I need to take my own advice.
CALLIOPE: In what regard.
JOE: Several times this year I set myself up for disappointment with my assumptions about what to expect from others.
CALLIOPE: How did you do that?
JOE: By assuming they knew what I wanted and that their needs were similar to mine and then taking it personally when they were not.
CALLIOPE: Sounds like a problem. What do you plan to do about it?
JOE: I know what to do and often suggest it to others but don't always do it myself.
CALLIOPE: Enlighten me.
JOE: I need to be clearer in my expectations of others and also remember that people do things for their own reasons rather than to satisfy or annoy me.
CALLIOPE: Is that a new approach for you?
JOE: No, but sometimes I need to remind myself. Talk with you tomorrow.

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