Monday, January 25, 2010

Conversations with Calliope- An Equal Benefit

(Footsteps in the Sand)
Inside every misfortune lies the seed of an at least equal benefit~ Napoleon Hill

JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. What are you up to today?
JOE: Just thinking of my column and newsletter due this weekend.
CALLIOPE: What's the topic?
JOE: I have been pondering Haiti and what good can come of it. I don't understand why such an impoverished country should bear this burden.
CALLIOPE: Did you come up with any answers?
JOE: Of course not. The only answers I have heard is that it is their own fault or God's. Neither makes any sense to me.
CALLIOPE: Do you think there is an explanation?
JOE: No. I don't think it's a matter for logic.
CALLIOPE: So why think about it at all?
JOE: I wonder what good can come of it.
CALLIOPE: Any ideas about this.
JOE: Yes. I think it is an opportunity for the rest of the world to come together as a community to help fellow people in need.
CALLIOPE: A good way to look at it.
JOE: At least I can live with that. Talk with you on Friday.

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