Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conversations with Calliope- Twenty Reasons

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JOE: Good morning Calliope.
CALLIOPE: Good morning Joe. Ready to share your ten reasons project?.
JOE: Actually there are twenty. Ten for and ten against reading our book.
CALLIOPE: Lets start with the pros.
JOE: Okay, here goes:

Ten Reasons to Read Conversations with Calliope: A Year with My Muse

  1. Find out where writers get their ideas.

  2. Hear what a writer does all day.

  3. Listen to what writers say about being a writer.

  4. How can a muse be more helpful?

  5. See how to get unstuck when you write.

  6. Learn how to talk with a muse.

  7. Explore what else writers need to know besides how to write.

  8. Discover what keeps a writer going page after page.

  9. Determine who supports a writer’s efforts.

  10. Unearth the sources of writers’ inspiration.

CALLIOPE: Pretty good. How about the cons?
JOE: Okay.

Ten Reasons Not to Read Conversations with Calliope: A Year with My Muse

  1. Who needs a muse? Writing is the writer’s responsibility.

  2. I don’t care how things get written. I just want to enjoy what I read.

  3. I can write a book if I want to. Maybe some day I will, but I’ll do it my way.

  4. There’s nothing magic about writing. It’s just hard work.

  5. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write anything good.

  6. Writing’s old fashioned. Everybody watches TV these days.

  7. I don’t have time to read, much less write.

  8. Most writers are just crusty alcoholics.

  9. Writers are like teachers. They can't do anything useful so they just talk about it.

  10. I’d never want someone to tell me what to write.

CALLIOPE: Are you trying to talk people out of reading the book?
JOE: No but I want to address possible reservations before readers think them up.
CALLIOPE: Anything else?
JOE: Yes. If people really believe the cons, I don't want them wasting their time reading our book.
JOE: But maybe they will rethink their objections and have a look anyway.
CALLIOPE: Good thought. Let's see what happens.
JOE: Nothing to lose as far as I can see. Talk with you tomorrow.

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