Monday, April 30, 2007

Why Do Birds and People Sing?

I was sitting on the porch a few minutes ago writing my morning pages in my journal and thinking about what to write here this morning. I heard a robin singing its intricate song and thought of the blue jays and cardinals I had heard earlier this morning. I got to wondering why birds sing. There are a variety of practical purposes. They greet each other, define territory, attract mates and warn of danger. But do birds also sing for the fun of it? Do otters slide and dolphins lead ships for fun also? I don't think anyone has discovered a way to ask them yet. But I think they might just like to play sometimes. I also thought of the Metropolitan Opera which I attended last week. There are much simpler ways to communicate information than song. Arias often do not contain very many if any words. My favorite is the one sung by the Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute and also hummed by my friend Joe as he walked down the street last week. Song seems a good way to communicate feelings and sometimes is just for fun.
(Metropolitan Opera House, Curtain-Adventure of the Seas)

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