Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Conversations with Calliope

JOE: Calliope, are you there?
CALLIOPE: Of course I'm here. I have been with you since your first interest in Chaucer during high school. Why do you think you found The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Christobel so engrossing? I was there to encourage you in your first steps toward literature.
JOE: I am happy to have you with me. I have sensed a feminine presence for quite a while when I was writing, but thought it was just my imagination.
CALLIOPE: I must admit I felt taken for granted but did not want to be intrusive. At least now you know I'm here.
JOE: Many times when I write, I feel lonely with only my pen or computer as companions. I have often wished to have a collaborator but it always seemed so awkward to arrange.
CALLIOPE: I will be right here whenever you need me or just want company. Glad to be of service.
JOE: I have been reading that the best writing comes from authors' exploration of their souls' deepest fears, desires and mysteries. Would you be willing to help me on such a journey?
CALLIOPE: Of course. I will go with you wherever you travel, even to the most inner recesses of your mind and soul. I can't say what we will find there since I cannot penetrate places where I am not invited. I will be happy to serve as your guide to your personal underworld as Virgil did for Dante in The Inferno as well as in more harmonious adventures.
JOE: That's great. I am looking forward to the journey. It sounds like everywhere we go will be an adventure but not always a happy one.
CALLIOPE: Exploring you soul will probably be upsetting at times but there are always things to learn about yourself and to use in you writing.
JOE: Thank you for accompanying me.
CALLIOPE: My pleasure.

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