Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Are You?

When we meet strangers, our first question after learning their names is often what they do for a living. We ask about only one aspect of their lives and might not get beyond that. I once heard a suggestion to ask instead, "Who are you?" I don't mean just the person's name. What if we inquire about what is important to people, what they really want from life and how successful they have been so far in finding what they want. I have ventured toward such questions at times but they seem intrusive. Do we really have the right to ask what makes other people tick, especially after just meeting them? People can always refuse or change the subject if the question seems too personal. When I can't bring myself to be so bold, I try to find out a little about people I will be meeting if possible, so I have an idea what they might be comfortable discussing. We can enjoy safe conversation, but we might learn something valuable about living our own lives by being bolder.

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